Noodle production system

Our fully automated instant noodle production equipment is designed to handle mass production of various types of instant noodles, including cup/bowl type noodles and dried/fresh noodles. The equipment is highly efficient, providing superior productivity and low oil usage plus outstanding quality management. We also offer a variety of capacity options and can provide tailored process designs to meet specific requirements. Our goal is to ensure that our clients have access to the most advanced and efficient equipment to produce high-quality instant noodles on a large scale
BulletBag type noodles
Bag type noodle, Nongshim Shin Ramyun
1. mixed water solution tank
2. hodling bin
3. dough mixer
4. round feeder
5. compound roller
6. continuous roller & slitter
7. 3 stage steamer
8. cut & folding machine
9. fryer
10. cushion conveyor
11. cooler
12. infeed device
BulletCup/Bowl type noodles
Instant Cup and Bowl noodles
1. dough mixer
2. dough feeder
3. continuous roller
4. continuous roller & slitter
5. 3stage steamer
6. cutting machine
7. fryer
8. oil seperator
9. cooler
BulletJapanese style fresh boiled noodles
Japanese style boiled noodles
1. vacuum mixer
2. dough feeding conveyor
3. compound roller
4. aging conveyor
5. continuous roller
6. 2 stage steamer
7. cooker
8. pouch packing machine
9. printer
10. check weigher
11. channelizer
12. sterilizer feeding system
13. .sterilizer & cooker
BulletOther noodle production systems

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