Noodle production system

Fully automated instant noodle production equipment designed for mass production of various types of instant noodles such as cup/bowl type noodles, fresh noodle etc. Providing highly efficient productivity, low oil usage characterizes the equipment. Furthermore, various capacity and tailored process designs are available upon specific requirements.
BulletBag type noodles
Bag type noodle, Nongshim Shin Ramyun
1. mixed water solution tank
2. hodling bin
3. dough mixer
4. round feeder
5. compound roller
6. continuous roller & slitter
7. 3 stage steamer
8. cut & folding machine
9. fryer
10. cushion conveyor
11. cooler
12. infeed device
BulletCup/Bowl type noodles
Instant Cup and Bowl noodles
1. dough mixer
2. dough feeder
3. continuous roller
4. continuous roller & slitter
5. 3stage steamer
6. cutting machine
7. fryer
8. oil seperator
9. cooler
BulletJapanese style fresh boiled noodles
Japanese style boiled noodles
1. vacuum mixer
2. dough feeding conveyor
3. compound roller
4. aging conveyor
5. continuous roller
6. 2 stage steamer
7. cooker
8. pouch packing machine
9. printer
10. check weigher
11. channelizer
12. sterilizer feeding system
13. .sterilizer & cooker

 Snack production system

Fully automated snack food processing machinery designed to produce wide range of snacks complying consumer's tastes. Providing highly efficient productivity, low oil usage characterizes our equipment. Flexible capacity and process designs are available upon specific requirement.
BulletNatural potato chips
Natural Potato Chips
1. dumping machine
2. washing machine
3. peeling machine
4. inspection conveyor
5. slicer
6. washing conveyor
7. blancher
8. dewatering conveyor
9. fryer
10. ambient conveyor
11. seasoning equipment
BulletFabricated potato chips
Fabricated Potato Chips
1. water service tank
2. oil service tank
3. high speed mixer
4. sheeting roller
5. brush roller
6. cutting roller
7. scrap bypass conveyor
8. fryer
9. ambient cooler
BulletCereal bars
Cereal Bars
1. hopper feeder with pedestal
2. incline conveyor
3. continuous mixer
4. sheet forming machine
5. gauge roller
6. additional spice-feeder
7. belt conveyor
8. cooling tunnel
9. ring cutter
10. spreading conveyor
11. guillotine cutter
BulletFrying / Roasting
Prawn Cracker by a Roaster Country Corn by a rotary fryer Light-up Protein by a fluid bed dryer & roaster Ogamja, potato cracker  by a continous fryer
1. pellet feeder
4. packaging
2. switchable processing units
- (a). roaster
- (b). rotary wheel fryer
- (c). fluid bed dryer & roaster
- (d). continuous pellet fryer
3. seasoning feeder and tumbler
BulletPellet extrusion and drying
Onion rings by pellet extrusion and drying process
1. screw conveyor
2. flour feeder
3. screw conveyor
4. ribbon mixer
5. forming & extruder
6. 1st dryer
7. 2nd dryer
BulletCold extrusion
Snacks by cold extrusion
1. mixer
2. incline conveyor
3. cold extruder
4. fryer
5. ambient cooler
6. seasoning equipment
7. dryer
BulletCereal Flaking
Cereal Flakes
1. extruder
2. pneumatic feederr
3. flaking mill
BulletCorn chip
Snacks by cold extrusion
1. extruder
4. cutting machine
2. pressing rolls
3. belt conveyor

 Single food processing unit & miscellaneous purpose unit

Beside each part of complete snack & noodle production lines, various special single units for specific purposes such as general-purpose oil heater, laboratory use or pilot production unit to decide whether to introduce it on a larger scale are available.
BulletOil heater
Compact sized new arrival frying-oil heater which is characterized by an improved oil turnover rate with only half of total oil volume other heaters contain minimizes oil degradation while providing user-friendly maintenance so as to efficiently reduce production cost and accomplishing better flavour and texture as well.
BulletSludge fryer
To dry sewage sludge by fry-drying process obtaining high energy combustible product as a result. While condensing oily-vapour to inflammable oil, gas burns up inside the fryer eliminating foul smell. It is characterized by its outstanding performance regardless of fuel oil types.
BulletVacuum mixer
When vacuum is applied to, it removes oxygen and therefore prevents decomposition of sensitive ingredients or undesirable chemical reactions and microbial growth. Products made by this vacuum process are relatively with minimum oxygen content to maintain high quality throughout shelf life, plus increased colour uniformity and stability with consistency.
BulletVacuum fryer
With our vacuum fryer it is easier to maintain natural colours and flavours of the finished product. Due to the lower temperature requirement for its frying process, the formation of suspected carcinogen acrylamide under vacuum condition is significantly lower than formation of acrylamide in standard atmospheric fryers. The fat absorption of the products is also reported to be lower than that of atmospheric fryers.

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