Single food processing unit & miscellaneous purpose unit

Beside each part of complete snack & noodle production lines, Special single units for specific purposes such as general-purpose oil heater, laboratory use or pilot production before deciding whether to introduce it on a larger scale are available.
BulletOil heater
Compact sized new arrival frying oil heater which is characterized by an improved oil turnover rate with a half of usual oil volume efficiently reduces fuel cost and minimizes oil degradation while providing user-friendly maintenance, better flavour and texture.
BulletSludge fryer
Too dry sewage sludge using a fry-drying process optaining high energy combustible product. While condensing oily-vapor to inflammable oil, gas burns up inside the fryer eliminating foul smell. It is characterized by its best performance regardless of fuel oil types.
BulletVacuum mixer
When vacuum is applied, it removes oxygen and prevents decomposition of sensitive ingredients or thwart unwanted chemical reactions and microbial growth. Minimizing oxygen content to maintain consistent high quality during shelf life through reduced oxidation, plus increased color uniformity and uniform rheology increased product stability with consistency.
BulletVacuum fryer
With our vacuum fryer it is easier to maintain natural colors and flavours of the finished product. Due to the lower temperatures applied , the formation of suspected carcinogen acrylamide is significantly lower than in standard atmospheric fryers. The fat absorption of the products is also reported to be lower than in atmospheric fryers.
BulletOther food processing units

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