Single food processing unit & miscellaneous purpose unit

In addition to our complete snack and noodle production lines, we also offer a variety of special single units for specific purposes, including general-purpose oil heaters, laboratory units, and pilot production units. These units are designed to help our clients determine whether to introduce a new product on a larger scale. At Seoju Engineering, we understand the importance of innovation and flexibility, and we are committed to providing our clients with the tools they need to develop and produce high-quality snacks and noodles. Whether you need to test a new recipe or refine an existing one, we have the equipment you need to succeed.
BulletOil heater
Compact sized new arrival frying-oil heater which is characterized by improved oil turnover rates with only half of total oil volume other heaters would contain minimizes oil degradation while providing user-friendly maintenance so as to efficiently reduce production cost and accomplishing better flavour and texture as well.
BulletSludge fryer
To dry sewage sludge by fry-drying process obtaining high energy combustible product as a result. While condensing oily-vapour to inflammable oil, gas burns up inside the fryer eliminating foul smell. It is characterized by its outstanding performance regardless of fuel oil types.
BulletVacuum mixer
When vacuum is applied to, it removes oxygen and therefore prevents decomposition of sensitive ingredients or undesirable chemical reactions and microbial growth. Products made by this vacuum process are relatively with minimum oxygen content to maintain high quality throughout shelf life, plus increased colour uniformity and stability with consistency.
BulletVacuum fryer
With our vacuum fryer it is easier to maintain natural colours and flavours of the finished product. Due to the lower temperature requirement for its frying process, the formation of suspected carcinogen acrylamide under vacuum condition is significantly lower than formation of acrylamide in standard atmospheric fryers. The fat absorption of the products is also reported to be lower than that of atmospheric fryers.
BulletOther food processing units

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